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1980 Circuit of Ireland Int Rally 1983 Ulster Int Rally 1984 Ulster Int Rally 1987 Circuit of Ireland Int Rally 1991 Ulster Int Rally 1992 Ulster Int Rally 1994 Manx Int Rally 1995 ULSTER INT RALLY 500 500 cup car kit A40 Abarth 500 Race Car Abarth 500 Rally Car Abarth R3T R1 Amigo Racing Anthony Barnes Asda Day Austin Westminster Austin Westminster (Betty) AUTO ITALIA map AUTOSPORT INTERNATIOAL 2010 Bean Cars Betty Bob`s Grass AutoTest Bob`s Test Map`s BRM Racing cars BTRDA Autosolo Final 7th Nov 2010 Bulldog International Rally 2010 BWRDC Cannock & District Car Club CANNOCK & DISTRICT CAR CLUB Quad Biking Cannock Chase and BTRDA Final 7th Nov 2010 Cannock Chase pca 7th Nov 2010 Car and Car Conversions Cars in the Park Castrol Nighthawk Rally 1984 Corwen Mid Wales. Corwen Mid Wales. Sat 10th April 2010 Curborough Daily Mirror London to Mexico World Cup Rally Dave Metcalfe Derek Parling Drivers Night Award To James Nicholls Ferrari 500 695 fiat fiat & fish & chips fiat and fish and chips Fiat Strada Fiat X19 Gabriel DeFreitas Gabriel Konig Garry Preston Garry Preston & Mike Sones Gemini Rally 1981 grass Autotest http://www.tourofcheshire.co.uk/kdmc.html J C Barnes 1991 Ulster Rally J C Barnes D77VPJ JCB Jackie Stewart James Nicholls jcb JCB HILLMAN HUNTER Jeremy Barnes D77VPJ JCB Jim Thomas John Bloxham John Bloxham Road Rally Fiat 131 John Bloxham World Cup Rally John Bloxham World cup rally, JCB ,Hillman Hunter John Bloxham World cup rally, JCB Hillman Hunter john Bloxham Fiat Strada John Denman Karting Lichfield Cars in the park 3rd 4th July 2010 Lichfield Cars in the park 4th July 2010 Lichfield Cars in the park 2010 London to Mexico World Cup 40 Anniversary MadPanda MadPunto Will Barnes, Warwickshire Drivers AutoSO Malcolm Andrews manx March Hare All forward PCA Autotest Mike Broad Mike Sones miss racey MSA Neath stages 2010 Nelson Inn Creswell Green Burntwood Nova OUT OF DATE IN 2010 Pam Mayo Paul Dyas Priory Park Promenade Stages Rally Promenade Stages Rally 5th Sept 2009 Pug Quad Biking Race Retro 2010 Race Tyre Race Tyre Fitting rally car rally tyre Rally Tyre Fitting Ricambi Club Rally of the Midlands RICKY EVANS Ricky Evens road rally Road Tyre robbo & Will Robert Hazel Roger Albert Clark 2010 Roger Tristram Rothmans F5000 - Mallory Park 18 June 1972 Rugeley & District Motor Club Sam Williams Warwickshire Drivers AutoSOLO BTRDA seam welding Sir Jackie Stewart spoox motor sport Stanford Hall Stuart Nicholls T & S Tyre Services Telford Auto Club Terry Kaby the 9th rally of the tests 2009 The ‘061’ Rally used 130 miles of Derbyshire The Daily Mirror 1970 World Cup Rally The fiat centre The rally of the tests The Rally of the Tests 2009 Tipton Top Hat Series Tour of Cheshire 2010 Tyer Tyre Fitting WCR 40 world cup rally www.amigoracing.co.uk www.rallyretro.com

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